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According to numerous police departments,
The National Traffic & Safety Foundation,
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, & the Department of Transportation (DOT),

Dirty, cloudy & basically ineffective headlight lenses have become an increasingly virulent and
dangerous epidemic quickly surpassing drunk driving (DUI) as the # 1 factor behind night time
accidents. The worst part of this is that they are avoidable.

An average of 9 out of every 10 cars on the road today has dirty or yellowed headlights that greatly reduce vision and need to be replaced, repaired or restored.

Most people do not know that not only do worn or cloudy headlights look bad, but they also reduce light output by as much as 95 percent. That is a huge difference in whether you can effectively see or be seen when driving at night.

In a recent search on Google and Yahoo search engines, it was found that thousands of accidents were linked to ineffective light output due to worn and cloudy headlights. The majority of headlight lenses produced today are made of plastic and are very susceptible to road and weather conditions. Harsh UV rays in hot climates, chemicals from the engine and fumes, smog, etc. all take a toll on the plastic and cause it to breakdown from the outside in. The resulting cloudiness is like cancer and quickly gets worse. Soon reducing visibility and making your vehicle unsafe at night.

Accidents caused by reduced light output and bad or cloudy headlights tend to also be much more severe. According to the National Institute For Highway Safety:

Accidents at night due to a more limited visibility are usually of a more severe nature, but when equipped with ineffective headlights the chances for a more severe accident are far greater.

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